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Transfigure your IT Infrastructure with Open Source Network Solutions

Organizations are using cloud technologies and other IT innovations to reduce cost, improve operational flexibility, and gain a competitive advantage. However, not every organization has the resources, time, or expertise to build and maintain a full IT or cloud environment in-house. VENATRIX was formulated with the sole intention of providing quality and highly secure open source networking solutions that are fully customizable to meet your business’s specific networking requirements.

Our main ideology is to offer the most cost effective and highly efficient networking solutions. We are able to achieve that by adopting the most advanced open source networking solutions currently available, and enhancing and customizing it to meet your expectations.

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Cheap dedicated server

Minimize CAPEX and OPEX, we mostly rely on open source tools, and these open source tools mostly does not include any license and/or are royalty free. We prove to be the best open source networking solutions service provider, as we combine most advanced technology along with skilled manpower, which is abundant at VENATRIX.

VENATRIX delivers unparalleled solutions /services with regard to

  • Platform Service
  • Mail Server
  • Server Security
  • Server Management
  • Email / Exchange Server setup and Management
  • Server Monitoring and Virtualization

Our team is extremely proficient to handle any scale or range of your networking requirements.

VENATRIX can help you to build your own platform in own- premises or in cloud servers with open source tools and we can assure that it can be reduce your IT infrastructure costs. Though you have invested faith in us, we assure to deliver timely and most efficient open source networking solutions that is guaranteed to be within your budget.

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OpenShift origin

Our vision is to develop cost effective open source networking solutions so as to assist you in becoming a top player in your respective industry.

Our extremely reliable and cost-effective open source networking solutions will not only save your valuable money, but will also boost your productivity in the long run.

Core Values

  • Deliver client centric services
  • Provide highly cost effective, yet exceptional End-to-End open source networking solutions
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Maintain transparency at all cost
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity & Performance

Contact us at the earliest, using your preferred means of communication, and we will be happy to discuss in detail about your requirement and provide efficient solutions to encompass all your concerns. We focus on building long term relationships and growing your business.

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