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OpenShift Origin / OKD is an open source cloud development Platform as a Service (PaaS). This cloud-based platform allows developers to create, test and run their applications and deploy them to the cloud.

Automate the Build, Deployment and Management of your Applications with openshift Origin Platform.
OpenShift is suitable for any application, language, infrastructure, and industry. Using OpenShift helps developers to use their resources more efficiently and flexible, improve monitoring and maintenance, harden the applications security and overall make the developer experience a lot better. Venatrix’s OpenShift Services are infrastructure independent and therefore any industry can benefit from it.

Red Hat OpenShift Origin is a multifaceted, open source container application platform from Red Hat Inc. for the development, deployment and management of applications. OpenShift Origin container Platform can deploy on a public, private or hybrid cloud that helps to deploy the applications with the use of Docker containers. It is built on top of Kubernetes and gives you tools like a web console and CLI to manage features like load balancing and horizontal scaling. It simplifies operations and development for cloud native applications.

Red Hat OpenShift Origin Container Platform helps the organization develop, deploy, and manage existing and container-based apps seamlessly across physical, virtual, and public cloud infrastructures. Its built on proven open source technologies and helps application development and IT operations teams modernize applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development processes.

Developers can quickly and easily create applications and deploy them. With S2I (Source-to-Image), a developer can even deploy his code without needing to create a container first. Operators can leverage placement and policy to orchestrate environments that meet their best practices. It makes the development and operations work fluently together when combining them in a single platform. It deploys Docker containers, it gives the ability to run multiple languages, frameworks and databases on the same platform. Easily deploy microservices written in Java, Python, PHP or other languages.

As container use increases in app development and production, services such as OpenShift Origin offer ways to manage and automate a large number of containers. Doing so frees up developers from the manual management of containers. Also, OpenShift Origin can help IT organizations bridge legacy servers supporting traditional applications and modern, microservices-based work.

These features feed into a mobile-first approach for companies that want to produce smartphone and tablet apps quickly.

Finally, OpenShift's options promote continuous app development and common tools for development and operations teams. This approach is a cornerstone of DevOps efforts.

  • Difficulty deploying containers across various frameworks, languages, or databases
  • Issues with ramping container resource usage up and down in response to container use
  • Issues with tracking dependencies
  • Difficulty tracking and monitoring container deployment on a systemic level to avoid bottlenecks and maximize productivity
  • Excessive time required to manage overall container usage across your system architecture
  • Difficulty and time involved in provisioning containers and performing health management checks
  • Issues with scaling applications
  • Inability to run both stateful applications and cloud-native stateless applications simultaneously
  • Excessively complicated container provisioning procedures
  • Lowest CAPEX and OPEX

OpenShift allows to address the above issues by using an open source architecture that enables you to run applications across physical, virtual, public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Any applications originating on OpenShift can run on any environment supporting Docker-formatted containers.

The platform features a robust set of command-line functionality tools as well as a multidevice web console, facilitating container orchestration across the entirety of your environment. Rapid scalability involving hundreds of instances across thousands of nodes – along with automated application builds and container health management – is also supported.

  • Increase developer productivity.
  • Enable DevOps and department-wide collaboration.
  • Accelerate application development.
  • Innovate and go to market faster.
  • Self-service provisioning.
  • Automates application builds, deployments, scaling and health management.
  • Ability to run multiple languages, frameworks, and databases on the same platform.
  • Multiple Environment Support.
  • One-click deployment
  • Allows to write code, build, run and scale applications at all levels
  • Automatic application scaling and responsive Web console
  • Continuous integration and release management​
  • Source code version management.
  • Standardized developers’ workflow
  • Opensource

Openshift Origin Features

  • Automate Build and Deployment
  • Autoscaling
  • Automatic Failover
  • Application Monitoring and logs
  • Integrated CI/CD with Jenkins
  • GitLab and Eclipse CHE IDE
  • One Click Deployment
  • Multitenant
  • Self Service
  • High Availability
  • Multiple Environment in the same Platform
  • Built-in Container Security
  • Manage Source code, Build and Deployments
  • Built-in strict security policies
  • Easy to use

Supported Technologies

  • NodeJS, Ruby, Tomcat, PHP, Perl, Apache, Python, Java and .NET Core

Supported Databases

  • MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite and MSSQL

What We Offer

  • Single or Multi-server Architecture setup
  • High End Production Grade servers for Openshift Origin Subscription
  • Openshift Subscriptions available based on the requirement
  • Subscription Starts at ₹12,000 / Month with Wildcard SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Support to the Openshift Origin Platform
  • Openshift Origin Demonstration and free trial

We take care of

  • Openshift Origin Platform setup
  • Security Updates
  • Application and Server monitoring
  • Openshift Origin Platform Maintenance
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